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Songburd Music Partners with Nkoda (UK) to Expand Sheet Music Distribution

Songburd Music Partners with Nkoda (UK) to Expand Sheet Music Distribution

  • March 16, 2023

Bloomington, IN - Songburd Music has signed a contract with nkoda Limited, a leading digital sheet music service, to distribute its catalog on the nKoda application.

This partnership will provide nkoda’s global audience with access to Songburd Music's growing library of music from independent composers and publishers. The nkoda app offers a subscription service that allows users access to a wide range of publisher editions, making it a valuable platform for Songburd Music to expand its distribution and reach to new audiences.

To learn more about nkoda, visit www.nkoda.com

View the Songburd Music catalog on nkoda at https://www.nkoda.com/publishers/Songburd-Music

About nKoda

NKODA is a digital sheet music library and application that hosts music from some of the world’s largest publishers.  The nkoda library gives digital access to 100k+ publisher editions with one subscription. nkoda music reader is a free tool to simplify your score reading and annotation.

About Songburd Music

SONGBURD MUSIC is an independent sheet music publisher and administrator dedicated to helping new composers publish and distributor their music.  Songburd Music offers a wide range of services related to publishing such as engraving, editing, print-on-demand, distribution, and more!

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