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Where the Glacier Meets the Sky Wins 2nd Place at Paul Revere Awards

Where the Glacier Meets the Sky Wins 2nd Place at Paul Revere Awards

  • June 20, 2023

Songburd Music is thrilled to announce that "Where the Glacier Meets the Sky" by Jordan Castillow was recently awarded 2nd place in Music Publishers Association Paul Revere Awards - Choral Music Category. 

This marks the second consecutive year that a Songburd Music score has achieved recognition at the Paul Revere Awards, with "Fjellets Dröm" by Espen Jensen winning first place in the Fretted Instruments Category in 2022.

The Paul Revere Awards, hosted by the Music Publishers Association, celebrate excellence in music publishing and recognize outstanding talent in the industry. Established in 1964 in honor of the 200th anniversary of the first music engraving in America by the famous silversmith Paul Revere, these awards were initially given as a means of alerting the music industry to the advantages of providing the best possible publication from the viewpoint of engraving, graphic arts and production standards.

Special thanks to the Halldór Laxness estate for giving us permission to use excerpts of his work as lyrics for the music.

View the full list of categories and winners here


Where the Glacier Meets the Sky
Composer:  Jordan Castillow (words by Halldór Laxness)
Score Design & Engraving:  Sean Burdette
Purchase a copy Where the Glacier Meets the Sky here.


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